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You know, sometimes working with clients really sucks. It seems more and more people think that we can produce huge amounts of work in no time at all, that they can take all the time in the world to make the necessary decisions, but we have to be supermen. I'm currently working on a show where the director was forced to promise that she would at least rehearse for a week and a half before tech, so that we would have even that much time to create everything.

Of course that didn't happen.

Instead she starts 6 days before tech and over those 6 days doubled the amount of set items and tripled the costumes that she wanted. Then, she was surprised and whiny when it wasn't all ready for the first day of tech. Luckily for us the first performance was canceled and we gain another week to complete everything, but sometimes I really wonder what wires got crossed in people's heads that they don't see the problem with what they're asking. Oh sure, less time more work no more money, we'll just pull all those costumes and props and set out of our asses, we'd been keeping them there for a rainy day.

Is it really any wonder why NO ONE will work with her twice?
Well that was entirely unexpected. Thank you everyone who's commented or added my stuff as a fav!

a huge thank you to znow-white for making my walkthrough a DD. check out her gallery too, it rocks.


Wed Dec 31, 2008, 4:15 PM
Ha ha, finished redesigning my website

now i just have to update all the content...sigh

So it's month 3 of my sojourn back in education and I am exhausted. I absolutely am loving being able to draw and design all the time and I'm noticing improvement in my work. But between keeping up on homework, all the extra work the teachers want you to do, and working so that i can still pay rent (thank god for parents and grandparents) I'm surprised I'm still standing.
who know that drawing for 11 hrs a day could be tiring? lol.
I am enjoying things, and will probably be posting some school work soon, since that's the only work i have time for right now.
So I've decided (and been accepted) to basically change careers and enter into the world of animation. I'm going back to school in september and we'll see where that leads me. It's a bit of a "bwaaa what am i doing" moment since I'm giving up an entire career with a good position and steady pay for a pretty unknown outcome. But here's hoping it all goes well.
Wow, my main job (assistant technical director) has gotten really busy lately and of coarse the pay doesn't grow with the workload. I'm finding less and less time and energy to devote to art, which is very frustrating for me. not to mention finding myself feeling more and more broke.
Is there anything other than rich and lower class anymore. it seems like middle classes have been obliterated. no one i know feels comfortable or debt-free.

oh well, back to the grindstone
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Feeling a bit of artistic slump right now. I feel the need to do something, comics, drawing, painting. But I cant think of what. have a bit of the artistic block.
ah well, maybe i'll work on some character design
Started selling some of my stuff on T-shirts
Check it out!
It's been ages since I updated....I'm so so so sorry, please forgive. I've been starting a new comic, revisiting old ones. and been insanely busy at work (theatre). I promise I'll shortly have some new stuff posted...soon....really....
After months of waiting to see the newest Narnia movie, I finally had a chance to check it out.

Holy Crap, that was amazing! I loved every moment of that movie. I have always been a big fan of the Chronicles ever since I was really young and first read them. I watched the animated version of LWW when it came out and all of the BBC live action versions.
I've come to believe that the chronicles were so well written, so solid, that it's very difficult to make a truly bad verion of them.

Anyway, I really recomend this to fantasy fans everywhere. Good movie, and I truly hope they make the whole series.

Yay, 1000 people!
Alrighty, so I went to see the much awaited Sin City movie on monday, and I have to say that I really liked it. It was very stylized and very sort of modern film noir. So I've started to draw my new comic in the black and white with certain things in color style. phew what a mouthfull. meh, I'll start updating them shortly.
Well today is my 22 birthday and I'm running the dress rehearsal for another show. I always manage to be working on my birthday. Oh, well. Hopefully soon, I'll get a chance to work on some more pics to post.
Yeah, I'm now a deviant subscriber. That's right I can search and there are no more ads, and you can buy my stuff. That's right, you, there in the back. Yes you can buy my stuff.
I can't believe I've had this gallery for as long as I have and not known that there was an area for me to post my graphic design work. Sigh. Well it's up now.
so tomorrow is the third anniversary of the 9 11 tragedy, and I find myself being filled with the growing dread that I always feel this time of year.
It's not that I don't mourn for the terrible loss of life during that tragedy but I feel revulsion for the commercial success that is based upon it. Not to mention the influx of Patriot sentiment that led to the bombing of a country afterwards.
I get pretty impatient waiting for the world to grow up.
alright, I finally finished the fist page in my new comic. It's called Nox and it's mainly about this guy named Alan Hunter (Nox) and his adventures.
Ok, so between work (which isn't much time at all) I'm trying to put together this new comic idea. The character shots of the Morrigan and Hel are part of it. I have a few more gods to draw and the main characters, then I'll start on the first panel. The plot's written out, so we'll see what people think
I love it when I finally have a chance to do some work
Ok so I'm in the process of revamping the stitches comic and trying to get some new things to Deviantart. Hopefully should be up soon.